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Our primary aim is to eventually dedust the reputation of Assistants in Switzerland. A professional PA is no longer just a "coffee-bringing typist". Today's modern PA takes over operational responsibilities in processing, project management and leadership. A successful manager requires a forward thinking, cross-linked and well educated assistant. We provide opportunities for training, cross-cultural relationships, exchange of ideas and international meetings. We create an image of the Management Assistant as an essential part of the management team. We form a network of highly competent Management Assistants. You are certainly warmly welcome to join our IMActivities as a guest. Should you have any questions, remarks or requests, please do not hesitate to contact either the National Committee Members or the appropriate Regional Chair directly. Be an active part of the team - be IMAgnificent!

National contacts

  • National Chairman

    Kelly-Jayne Dulex
    chemin de Bérée 18A
    1010 Lausanne
    T: +4179 7064185
    E: chairman@ch.ima-network.org
  • National Treasurer

    Patricia Jacob
    Bachem Holding AG
    Hauptstrasse 144
    4416 Bubendorf
    T: +41 79948 8507
    E: treasurer@ch.ima-network.org
  • National PR Officer

    Anouk Silvestrini
    Coaching & Training for Assistants in Proactive Collaboration
    Rue des Moraines 7
    1227 Carouge (Geneva)
    T: +41 786297966
    E: pro@ch.ima-network.org

Region / Regional Chairs

IMA Membership

YOU benefit from IMA and IMA benefits from you

You are

are part of a unique World association;
have access to a local and World-wide professional network;
meet members with a vast range of business knowledge and lifestyles and have the opportunity to use your knowledge of languages;
receive the journal of IMA twice a year;
have access to the members’ section of the website and to the database;
have up-to-date information regarding different professional and job-related developments;
have the opportunity to participate in custom made training programmes;
be able to participate in cross-border teams;
have the opportunity for lifelong learning and self-development;
will be given the platform to develop your skills;
gain experience in areas usually found outside your own employment;
build on your CV and learn to be even more creative and flexible;
learn about culture and business life in all the member countries;
participate in the Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference hosted by different National Groups;
make new friends;
have the opportunity to actively participate in the running of the Association.

Join Us

Membership Fees

Full membership is granted to persons who have functions such as Management Assistant, Executive Assistant, Professional/Executive Secretary, Personal Assistant, Office Manager/Supervisor, Senior Administrator/Team Leader. (Membership fee is CHF 150.–)

Associate membership is available for Management Assistants and Executive Secretaries who do not yet qualify for full membership. (Membership fee is CHF 150.–)

Student membership is for students (Membership fee is CHF 70.–)

Corporate affiliate membership is available for corporations such as business and industrial companies, management and business colleges, Chambers of Commerce, international organizations, other professional associations, etc. (Membership fee is CHF 340.–)

Code of conduct

Members have to adhere to our code of conduct. Please click here for more information.

  • Personal Membership

    You are a management support professional working on management or executive level with the corresponding dipoloma or degree or with corresponding working experience in our professions, please apply here.

  • Corporate Membership

    We also welcome companies we - as Management Support Professionals - usually work with and trainers, speakers, HR consultants etc. in our netwokr. Please apply here.