In Memoriam - Sonia Vanular - our Founder

Sonia Vanular founded 1974 EAPS which you now know as IMA. She passionately encouraged our members to develop their role.

More details about her vision you find here.

Please be aware that there is an event, a virtual gathering held by IMA France on Wed-23-September (@ 07:30 PM) for a tribute to our Grand Lady Sonia Vanular.

If you wish to attend then pls contact our Chairman, Diane Bakena /or/ Valérie Lionnet, our Deputy Chairman |

Event & Trainings

The development of management support professional’s performance in the workplace is critical to the success of their companies. IMA's Training & Development (T&D) process has the potential to make a strong positive impact on the performance of its members and their careers. The main objective of professional development is to gain more visibility as professional management assistants. IMA International is happy to provide with IMA members and partners, who are available as speaker or trainer.

International Events & Trainings

IMA Provides and supports worldwide Trainings & Events for administrative Professionals

National Events & Trainings

IMA Switzerland hosts during the year several Events & Trainings for professional management Assistants

Regional Events & Trainings

The regional Chairs of IMA Switzerland organising several networking events during the year