Past National Trainings & Events


IMA training Day Fall 2022

Autumn Training & Networking Day  

This year‘s IMA Switzerland Autumn Training Day turned out a little different than usual… we decided not to focus on training & development but simply on a leisure get together on Lake Zurich to have some fun networking. Time was literally flying by and we already have some exciting ideas for future events. 

When: Saturday, 10 September 2022

Where: Lake of Zurich 





IMA AGM 2022

Annual AGM & Spring Training Day - 

The event was held f2f since we had had lot of members who told us how keen they were on meeting in person again. Therefor, the National Committee has decided to meet up in person again to strengthen the feeling of community.

In the afternoon, from 1.30 to 4.30pm we were joined by Judith Raymakers from Motivators@Work Who we are - MOTIVATORS@WORK (

Motivators@Work envisages a world where people look forward to going back to work on a Monday morning, to interact with their colleagues and create great things together.

Based on long years of experience working with teams within different organizations and cultures, they have developed their “Roots & Fruits Methodology” to increase motivation at work.

In their workshops, we got an insight on the following topics:

  • Learning and understanding the universal drivers of motivation at work
  • Being able to diagnose where you and your organisation can improve motivation
  • Creating implementable solutions to achieve higher motivation in a sustainable way
  • And last but not least, easily connecting with each other and have fun

Motivators@Work – because we spend so much time at work, it’d better be worth it.

When: Saturday, 14 May 2022

Time: 10:30 a.m.– 16:30 p.m. CET followed by a f2f Apéro

Where: ART DECO Hotel Montana, Lucerne